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Happy 75th Birthday, Lava Lamp!

What is it about those gooey blobs, slowly rising and falling, that we find so mesmerizing? My teenage son has one in his room right now which is a tribute to their longevity. Some things are just timeless.

Good lighting is also timeless. When Rob Swindell, chief lighting designer at Lin-Dell Electric, walks into a room, the first thing he notices is the light. Good lighting should be discrete, almost to the point of being unnoticeable. Why? Lighting has a purpose and should not scream, “Hey, look at me!” Retail lighting, restaurant lighting, commercial or residential lighting design is most cost effective during the design process on the drawing board. However, lighting design and lighting control can be added to any setting at any time.

Whether it is task lighting, mood enhancing light scenes, or a gorgeous chandelier, lighting sets an immediate tone. Make sure yours makes a great first impression with a timeless quality, designed and installed by Lin-Dell Electric.

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